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Does Workers Comp Cover Lost Wages?

The Cost of Missing Wages and Workers Comp

What’s the cost of missing wages? Well, in Florida, it could be “Workers Comp.” For businesses, workers comp premiums are one of the largest expenses they face; and for employees, if they suffer an injury or illness while on the job that prevents them from working, they may be entitled to workers compensation benefits. In this blog post, we’ll discuss missed wages and how they factor into workers comp claims. 

This is when an employee experiences a work-related illness or injury that makes them unable to work for more than seven days, causing them to miss out on wages. This can include medical expenses as well as lost income due to time away from work.


Missed wage claims can be filed with the Florida Division of Workers Compensation (DWC), but there are certain conditions that must be met before you can file a claim. 


First and foremost, the employee needs to have suffered an injury or illness directly related to their job duties. Additionally, the employee must have been employed by their employer at least 12 months prior to making the claim, and they must not have been absent from their job due to any other cause during that period.


Lastly, they should provide documented evidence proving their disability has caused them to miss out on wages due to being off work for more than seven days.


Once these conditions are met, then the employee can file a missed wage claim with DWC, who will investigate the incident and determine whether the employee is eligible for compensation.


If approved, then both parties—the employer and the employee—will be notified of their decision via mail with details regarding payments and other procedures necessary for resolving any disputes related to the case.


All in all, missed wages can be costly for both employers and employees alike; however, understanding your rights when it comes to filing a workers comp claim can help make sure you get what you deserve in terms of compensation if you’re ever injured or ill while working in Florida.


Whether you’re an employer or an employee it’s important to stay informed about your rights under Florida’s workers comp laws so that if any mishaps occur down the line you’ll know exactly what steps need to take in order to handle things accordingly! 


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