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Tampa Business Workers' Comp Needs

Comprehensive, simple, and inexpensive coverage to accommodate your staff and your company. Whether you are running a well-established brand or launching a start-up, you will need Workers’ Compensation insurance if you are employing people.
Workers’ Compensation insurance offers benefits to staff for illnesses or injuries that are work-related. It comes with a lot of coverage, including lost wages and medical care.

What is Workers' Comp Insurance?

Accidents happen, regardless of how careful you run your company. Thankfully, vital benefits are available for your employees and your business. Everyone involved will receive protection if a job-related illness or injury were to ensue thanks to Workers’ Compensation.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance covers the following:

Who Should Get Workers’ Compensation?

Tampa-based businesses that employ people must carry this type of coverage. The Florida state law mandates organizations in Tampa that are part of the construction industry must have this type of coverage as soon as employee gets hired. Non-construction companies must have Workers’ Compensation after a quartet of employees have been hired.

In some instances, you might be exempt from Workers’ Comp. Tampa-based businesses must check with their state in order to determine if mandatory coverage is enforced.

Affordable Workers' Comp in Tampa



Affordable Workers' Comp in Tampa

In Tampa, FL, Workers’ Comp is mandated by the state. There are exemptions, though, so it would do you well to consult your state in order to determine if mandatory coverage applies to your organization.
Not having Workers’ Comp coverage can put your company in a precarious position. You could be vulnerable to lawsuits because of a workplace injury if one happens. The government could also penalize you for not following the law.

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FAQ's: Workers' Compensation Tampa

Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions about Workers’ Compensation Insurance Coverage in Tampa, FL.
In addition to injuries that occur outside of work, injuries that occur intentionally, while commuting to and from work, or due to intoxication or substance abuse wouldn’t be covered by Workers’ Compensation.

It varies based on where the business operates. For example, certain types of employees, such as seasonal workers, may not be covered by Workers’ Compensation . Contact us at (800) 718-7552 and we’ll help you answer any state-specific questions you have about your coverage.

Workers’ Comp covers employees that are injured or suffer an illness while at work and may need medical attention, short and long term disability or therapy, loss wages and litigation if need be.
Workers’ Comp covers employees that are injured or suffer an illness while at work and may need medical attention, short and long term disability or therapy, loss wages and litigation if need be.
In short, a Workers’ Comp policy can cover a business in multiple states as long as they were approved by their carrier to operate in those locations.
Workers’ Comp is calculated by taking your gross wages, multiplied by your Workers’ Comp rate(s). Every occupation has a class code associated with their scope of work in which the state determines the percentage assigned to that code.
Workers’ Compensation is a line of commercial insurance where you must apply before being approved. Every policy must go through underwriting before a policy number can be assigned. This ranges from instantly up to a few days to be approved.
It is important to protect business owners and their employees in the event of an accident. Workers’ Comp protects the business from potential liability and ensures the safety and well being of employees.
It is recommended to carry Workers’ Comp if you have any employees. By law any company that is based under the construction industry is required to have Workers’ Comp coverage as soon as 1 employee is hired. Any company that is Non-construction is required to carry Workers’ Comp as soon as they have 4 employees or more!

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