Workers' Compensation Ocala

Comprehensive, affordable, and simple coverage that protects your employees, as well as your company. Whether your company has just launched, or your brand has been around for a while, you should not neglect Workers' Compensation.

Ocala-based businesses should prioritize this type of coverage. It offers benefits for staff members in the event that they sustain work-related illnesses or injuries. They may be compensated for medical care and/or lost wages, among other benefits.

Workers Compensation Ocala, FL

What is Workers' Comp Insurance?

It would be unrealistic to think an accident will never happen in your work environment. Thankfully, Workers' Compensation can help members of your staff – and you – remain protected. Everyone involved will get the critical benefits they need to cover the costs of a work-related illness or injury.

Workers' Comp. keeps your employees and business protected. It covers the following:

  • Missed Wages to cover ill or injured employees while they take time off work.
  • Medical Expenses to care for and treat an ill or injured employee.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation for individuals who require ongoing care – especially if it will help them with the recovery process.
  • Compliance with State Laws - you’ll avoid fines and penalties enforced in Florida for failing to carry the right employee coverage.
  • Minimize Out-of-Pocket Expenses - OCMI’s affordable Pay-As-You-Go plans keep you safeguarded from expensive workplace illnesses or injuries.
  • Lawsuit Protection - if you were to get sued by an employee, your company will be safeguarded. That is because Workers' Comp. comes with employer liability coverage.
  • Death benefits are available to cover funeral expenses. This can help if one of your staff members passes away due to an incident at work.

Who Need Workers' Comp Coverage?

Who Needs Workers Comp?

Workers' Comp. Insurance should be carried if anybody is employed by your company. As per Florida state law, companies in the construction sector must have Workers' Compensation Insurance for each employee hired. Non-construction organizations will need to have this kind of coverage if four employees or more are on the payroll.

Some exceptions are made when it comes to Workers Compensation. Check with your state to determine if your Ocala-based company must get mandatory coverage.

Running a company without the necessary coverage will put you at great risk for a civil penalty. When that happens, stop-work orders may be placed on your business, which will result in operations being completely ceased. The company can’t get things back up and running until all fines have been paid. The company must also be in full compliance with Florida laws.

Failure to comply with stop-work orders will result in a potential criminal charge. Make sure that the coverage you get adheres to state laws. That way, you’ll be able to bypass penalties altogether. Also, employees that receive benefits cannot take you to court for lost wages or injuries they sustained on the job.

Keep Your Ocala Business Protected with OCMI Workers' Comp!

Ocala-based businesses can get an immediate quote if they have the information below ready:

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Types of Workers’ Comp Insurance

How is Workers' Compensation Calculated?

Florida is a state with a "base-rate". As such, insurance rates tend to be initially state-mandated. All occupations have class codes that are associated with whatever their line of work entails. The state will determine what percentage will be assigned to your company’s code. Workers Compensation gets calculated when its gross payroll is multiplied by the coverage rate.

OCMI Workers' Comp provides simplified and affordable Workers' Compensation coverage. Ocala-based businesses big and small will benefit from our programs. If you have questions, you’re welcome to ask us about them. Your business should not be vulnerable to Florida penalties, potential lawsuits, or medical expenses. Get a FREE instant quote!

Affordable Workers' Comp Coverage in Ocala

Workers' Comp. is mandated by Florida law. There are exceptions, though, so it would do you well to consult your state. Perhaps mandatory coverage does not apply to your particular business.

You should not forgo this type of coverage, as it could put you at significant risk, financially speaking. You could be sued for a workplace injury and fined for not obeying the law.


$16.56 per emp

Tile Installation

$18.52 per emp


$28.72 per emp

Carpet/Tile Install

$19.16 per emp

Child Day Care

$6.04 per emp


$26.32 per emp

Sprinkler Install

$20.04 per emp

Fence Erection

$32.04 per emp

Carpentry Interior

$31.32 per emp

Carp. Shop Only

$32.04 per emp


$11.92 per emp


$24.00 per emp

Iron/Steel Fab

$19.52 per emp


$42.08 per emp


$38.92 per emp


$19.32 per emp

Road Construction

$35.60 per emp


$67.92 per emp

Tree Trimming

$36.00 per emp


$22.52 per emp

Concrete Const.

$37.00 per emp


$36.80 per emp


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Your employees will be protected by Workers' Compensation. Ocala businesses will get coverage that is in full compliance with Florida law. Employees getting those benefits will not be able to take you to court for lost wages or injuries.

Why OCMI for Workers’ Comp Ocala?

Ocala-based businesses turn to OCMI Workers' Comp because our rates are competitive, and our insurance products are highly rated. The entire claims process can be expedited by us, and the customer service we offer takes stress out of the situation. We pride ourselves on helping people who run companies select suitable types of insurance. The one you choose will be in full compliance with business and state requirements, and no hassles or extra costs will be involved. We will simplify the process of keeping you protected, and do so at affordable rates.

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FAQ's: Workers' Compensation Ocala

Below you will find answers to our most commonly asked questions about Workers' Compensation Insurance Coverage in Ocala, Florida.

In addition to injuries that occur outside of work, injuries that occur intentionally, while commuting to and from work, or due to intoxication or substance abuse wouldn’t be covered by Workers’ Compensation.
It varies based on where the business operates. For example, certain types of employees, such as seasonal workers, may not be covered by Workers’ Compensation . Contact us at (800) 718-7552 and we’ll help you answer any state-specific questions you have about your coverage.
Not usually. While Workers' Compensation laws vary from state-to-state, most states don’t require sole proprietors to carry Workers’ Comp.
Workers’ Comp covers employees that are injured or suffer an illness while at work and may need medical attention, short and long term disability or therapy, loss wages and litigation if need be.
In short, a Workers' Comp policy can cover a business in multiple states as long as they were approved by their carrier to operate in those locations.
Workers' Comp is calculated by taking your gross wages, multiplied by your Workers' Comp rate(s). Every occupation has a class code associated with their scope of work in which the state determines the percentage assigned to that code.
Workers' Compensation is a line of commercial insurance where you must apply before being approved. Every policy must go through underwriting before a policy number can be assigned. This ranges from instantly up to a few days to be approved.
It is important to protect business owners and their employees in the event of an accident. Workers' Comp protects the business from potential liability and ensures the safety and well being of employees.
It is recommended to carry Workers' Comp if you have any employees. By law any company that is based under the construction industry is required to have Workers’ Comp coverage as soon as 1 employee is hired. Any company that is Non-construction is required to carry Workers’ Comp as soon as they have 4 employees or more!
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